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[Video] Joe Achilles Tests G82 BMW M4 at the ‘Ring

Almost every high-performance vehicle on the market has been tested at the world-famous Nürburgring racetrack. However, it is also one of the most challenging and sometimes dangerous. Most fans and even car journalists aren’t aware of the circuit; therefore, it may be somewhat scary for those unfamiliar with it. Michelin sponsored Joe Achilles’ recent journey to the ‘Ring, where he spent two days driving a BMW around the F1 track at high speeds to face his fears.

The ‘Ring, know as the “Green Hell”, is not only extremely long and full of innumerable corners that need to be memorised. Several corners are also quite challenging. There are humps, off-kilter turns, and spots where a runoff could lead to a collision with a tree. Since trees surround the ‘Ring, any mistakes made on the track will have a greater impact. Unlike other tracks, there aren’t as many places to safely run off the track or slow down (such as gravel traps ala Formula One racing). Most of the track has barriers and woods you’ll crash into if you make a mistake.

In this clip, Achilles gets behind the wheel of a BMW M4 Competition Coupe and an M440i. The latter is vastly superior to the former because it is a true M car and not just a mildly modified version of the 4 Series Coupe. More muscle and performance means more speed, which can be scary in the ‘Ring. Achilles was fortunate in that he already knew his way around his M3 Competition.

The M4 Coupe’s capabilities are astounding. The BMW M4 has no trouble keeping its footing or staying on the course, not even on the challenging Nürburgring. It’s an extremely potent track weapon, especially after upgrades. That’s why it’s a fantastic partner on your journey to conquer your fear of the world’s toughest circuit.

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