[VIDEO] BMW M vs. M Performance: Who Wins in Acceleration?

BMW M GmbH is undoubtedly thriving. With a record number of models, sales are at an all-time high. The German luxury brand, be it M Performance or M, has a presence in nearly every market segment. There’s an M car for everyone, from sedans and coupes to convertibles and SUVs. Notably, the M3 Touring is set to be joined by its larger counterpart, the M5 wagon, in 2024.

A recent video captured on the Autobahn showcases the performance differences among various M and M Performance cars. Filmed on an open road section, it highlights how these vehicles perform in a sprint from 62 to 124 mph (100 to 200 km/h). Featured cars include the X5 M60i, M340i xDrive, and the facelifted X3 M Competition. It also includes the M2 G87 with automatic transmission, rear-wheel drive M4 Coupe, M3 G80 xDrive with RaceChip tuning, and a rare M4 CSL.

In the video, the cars are lined up from slowest to fastest. The M4 CSL achieved the task in only 6.6 seconds, while the X5 M60i took 10.8 seconds. We anticipate that BMW is developing an even faster model, especially with the M4 CS getting all-wheel drive starting next year. Additionally, there’s the M5, a supercar with nearly 700 horsepower. However, its complex plug-in hybrid V8 will make it as heavy as the moon.

By 2026, an M2 with xDrive will likely be one of the fastest-accelerating M vehicles ever. Sources indicate that BMW executives have approved an all-wheel drive G87. It’s powered by an automatic transmission, delivering over 500 horsepower to both axles. Meanwhile, the lineup is set to grow even further with the launch of the i5 M60 Touring electric performance wagon, scheduled for 2024.

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