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BMW Premieres at Auto China Beijing 2024


The BMW Group unveiled new BMW and MINI models at the 2024 Auto China exhibition in Beijing, showcasing its advancements in electrification, digitization, and sustainability, spearheaded by the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. Oliver Zipse, Chairman of BMW AG, unveiled the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, set to debut in 2025, with …

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BMW at Milan Design Week: Unveiling the Future of Joy


In the heart of Milan, within the bustling Brera district, BMW Group Design introduces the Vision Neue Klasse and Vision Neue Klasse X. These concept vehicles are not just cars but manifestos of BMW’s future direction. Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, describes the Neue Klasse as a …

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BMW and Rimac Unite for Future Electric Innovations


BMW has entered into a groundbreaking partnership with Rimac Automobili, a company renowned for its advanced electric vehicle technology, to enhance the development and production of high-voltage battery systems. This collaboration marks a significant step for BMW as it gears up for its future line of battery-electric vehicles, particularly slated …

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BMW Leads: China Hosts Top 2 Productive Factories


Primarily a German car manufacturer, BMW sees a significant portion of its vehicles produced elsewhere. According to the recently released Annual Report 2023, the company’s top three most productive factories last year weren’t in Germany. Dadong in China took the lead, with 420,586 automobiles manufactured, marking a 6.5% increase from …

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Laguna Seca Blue Back on the BMW M3

Laguna Seca Blue, the iconic colour reminiscent of the legendary race track in California, has returned triumphantly to BMW’s lineup. Once adorning the famed M3 E46, this coveted hue is now available for order on the G80 M3, the M3 Touring G81, and the M4 G82 Coupe and G83 Convertible. …

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