BMW Z3 / Z4 Series

BMW Z4 Reimagined: A Tribute to the Iconic 507


In the world of BMW, innovation and homage to classics often intersect. This week, Estella-Fahrzeugtechnik is shining the spotlight on a remarkable reinterpretation of the iconic BMW 507. Known for crafting bespoke vehicles, the company has unveiled the Roadster Tender 5.7, a modern masterpiece inspired by the legendary 507 yet …

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BMW Z4 M40i: First Impressions of 2024 Six-Speed


A BMW enthusiast group attended the 2024 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance to test drive the latest 2024 BMW Z4 M40i. Previously experiencing the six-speed manual variant, they aimed to gain insights during a brief ride despite driving restrictions due to the pre-production model. BMW is upgrading the Z4 M40i with …

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BMW Z4 “Handschalter”: A Manual Legacy in the Making


“The Ultimate Driving Machine” isn’t just a marketing slogan; it embodies BMW’s ethos. The brand cemented its reputation by developing thrilling coupes and sedans. In 1972, BMW launched its M motorsports division, shifting from merely making amusing cars to winning races. This legacy transcended mere speed on racetracks or backroads, …

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Racing with a Daytona 24 Legend in the BMW Z4 GTLM

The anticipation surrounding the 24 Hours of Daytona (2024) was nothing short of electrifying, and little did I know that BMW of North America had crafted an extraordinary experience that would redefine my perception of high-speed motorsport. The focal point of this immersive encounter was none other than John Edwards, …

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