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BMW 3 Series

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Echoes the E30 3 Series


The upcoming BMW Neue Klasse series pays homage to its heritage, notably the original Neue Klasse, a fact long apparent. Speculation suggested that the nearing Neue Klasse 3 Series drew inspiration from the dimensions and aesthetics of the E30 3 Series. This speculation has now been confirmed. Kai Langer, Head …

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Summer 2025: Look at BMW’s Refreshed 3 Series

Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate BMW’s next moves as the automotive titan prepares to unveil updates for its beloved 3 Series and the electric i4 in July 2024. While the changes may not boast the same grandeur as previous facelifts, they promise to elevate driving experiences through advanced technology and refined materials. …

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BMW 3 Series: 330i vs. M3 CS Comparison

When it comes to BMW’s famed 3 Series, the range offers a vast spectrum of options, from the accessible luxury of the base models to the exhilarating performance of the flagship variants. Recently, automotive enthusiasts at Donut embarked on a mission to unravel the mysteries of this price disparity by …

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BMW 3 Series GT: 2024’s Top Used Car Pick?


The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo uniquely combines a hatchback’s utility with the 3 Series sedan’s agility. It surpasses the 3 Series wagon in performance and style, offering more space, comfort, and flexibility than the standard 3 Series. This specialized model appeals to a niche market, merging the best features …

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BMW 3 Series: Now Six Figures in Australia, 320i/330e Gone


In 2023, BMW Australia achieved remarkable success, outperforming Mercedes in luxury vehicle sales with 26,184 units sold (a 15.4% YoY increase). The 3 Series ranked as the fourth most popular model, delivering 3,147 cars after the SUVs X1, X3, and X5. Unfortunately, the cost of acquiring a 3 Series has …

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