BMW M5 Review: CAR Magazine’s Take on the New Prototype

CAR Magazine recently had the opportunity to review the new BMW M5 prototype on both track and road. On challenging Welsh roads, the first noticeable feature was its width, which increased by 75 mm front track width and 48 mm rear width compared to its predecessor. Despite its hefty 2.4-tonne weight, the M5 handles impressively well.

Photo from Car Magazine

The integrated rear-wheel steering adds agility, making the car feel more compact during turns without compromising stability. The ride quality is plush, offering excellent body control and a subtle road feel. The steering, while isolated, remains quick and precise, ensuring calm and accurate handling even under stress.

On the track, the M5’s rear-wheel steering and all-wheel-drive system work harmoniously, delivering a powerful and controlled performance. The hybrid powertrain, combining a robust V8 engine with an electric motor, provides seamless and formidable acceleration, especially in the mid-range. The brakes are well-modulated, seamlessly integrating regenerative braking.

While the M5’s additional weight affects its front-end sharpness on track, it excels as a road car. With its adaptive dampers and anti-roll bars, the suspension maintains poise even under intense conditions. The BMW M5 may not match the agility of its lighter counterparts, but it promises to be one of the most accomplished iterations of this iconic saloon.

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