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All things being equal: Driving the BMW U11 iX1 eDrive20 64.8kWh

We last drove the U11 X1 in its Category-A friendly iteration a little over a year ago and while the sDrive16’s premium build quality, handsomely rugged exterior design and dynamic handling left us with enough positive impressions to overlook its slightly harsh ride and counterintuitive infotainment UI, the one thing …

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Forward Thinker: Driving the BMW G60 520i

You’ve been keeping up with our reviews, you’re already familiar with our recent experience behind the wheel of the BMW i5, representing the electric variant of BMW’s eighth-generation 5 Series. Now, we shift gears to explore the other side of the spectrum with the 520i, powered by conventional fossil fuel …

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Euphoric High: Daikoku and the Wangan in a G87 BMW M2

After savoring an exceptional pizza from 808 Monsmare in Odawara, an experience that could rival the best I’ve had in Italy, it was time to ignite my scarlet M2 for the return leg back into the city. Over 8 hours had passed since I embarked on this journey, and while my body …

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A Perfect Day, An Incredible Machine, A Dream Fulfilled: Driving the G87 BMW M2 in Japan


The sun hangs overhead, casting a brilliant glow on the crisp winter air, while the roads encircling me paint a breathtaking picture. As I approach a tightening curve, the vibrant surroundings transform from a motion-blurred spectacle to crystal clear clarity as I dig into the brake pedal and rapidly hit …

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BMW 3 Series GT: 2024’s Top Used Car Pick?


The BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo uniquely combines a hatchback’s utility with the 3 Series sedan’s agility. It surpasses the 3 Series wagon in performance and style, offering more space, comfort, and flexibility than the standard 3 Series. This specialized model appeals to a niche market, merging the best features …

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