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[VIDEO] New BMW M5 Unveiled in Bold Design Sketch


BMW is gearing up to launch the new generation of its M5, and the hype is building. In a recent teaser video, a design sketch of the upcoming model caught attention by revealing details without camouflage. This sketch likely shows the sedan version, which will debut before the wagon. The …

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BMW M5 E60: UK Press Fleet’s V10 Nostalgic Powerhouse


As we await next year’s M5 G90 release, BMW UK revisits a classic with the F10-era M5 30 Jahre Edition super sedan. Currently, BMW’s UK branch showcases a right-hand drive, sedan-bodied M5 E60. Like all others from that generation, this 2010 model of the sporty saloon features the renowned S85 …

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Unveiling BMW’s M5 Evolution: 30 Jahre and Beyond

BMW’s M5 G90 is on the horizon, but let’s revisit a pivotal moment—the limited “30 Jahre Edition.” Launched in 2014, this exclusive model, limited to 300 units worldwide, marked three decades of M5 excellence. The “30 Jahre Edition” showcased peak BMW M power—its twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 churned out an impressive …

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Check out BMW M’s Hybrid Power Play

BMW’s M Series, known for its unparalleled driving experience, relies on customer feedback, revealing that over 95% prioritize the feel over the type of drivetrain. Frank van Meel, BMW M’s head, confirms the endurance of the beloved inline-six and V8 engines, assuring enthusiasts they’ll persist, adopting plug-in hybrid V8 setups …

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[VIDEO] BMW M4 and M5 Challenge Bugatti Chiron Super Short


While the performance gap between BMW and Bugatti might appear daunting, these are no ordinary Bimmers. Carwow orchestrated an epic showdown featuring the high-powered Bugatti Chiron Super Sport and heavily tweaked M4 (G82) and M5 CS (F90) models. The M division’s inline-six twin-turbo 3.0-litre engine now packs 1,000 horsepower and …

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