BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Sits Between X3 and X5


Earlier this week, BMW refrained from disclosing official technical specifications during the Vision Neue Klasse X unveiling. Instead, the focus was solely on highlighting the advantages of the sixth-generation round-cell batteries, briefly mentioning efficiency and aerodynamic improvements compared to the current iX3. Intrigued by this, BMWBlog interviewed the designer of …

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Unveiling the Insane 1,100 HP BMW X3 M Sleeper

For BMW enthusiasts, the focus often hones in on sedans, coupes, and the occasional hatchback. Yet, amidst this conversation arises an unexpected contender: the BMW X3 M Competition. But this is no ordinary SUV; it’s a sleeper, meticulously customized to redefine power. Crafted by UK aftermarket specialists at AMC Performance, …

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Direct Adaptation: E46 M3 Dynamics in BMW X3

Discover how someone seamlessly integrated an E46 M3 engine into a BMW X3 below. Starting with a first-gen X3, the meticulous integration of the M3’s 343 hp, 365 Nm torque engine, and a 6-speed manual transmission stands out. Servicing essentials, like rod bearings and VANOS, left the X3 with less …

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Unveiling the Power of Artificial Intelligence in BMW’s “Home of the X”

BMW’s production facility in Spartanburg, known as the “home of the X” models, has taken a significant leap into the future by integrating AI. The plant produces X3 through X7 SUVs and the flagship plug-in hybrid XM model, utilizing AI to streamline operations and enhance quality. CNBC recently sat down …

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