LOOK: Inside the Right-Hand-Drive BMW 3.0 CSL

Essentially a modified version of the M4 CSL, a car sold at a fraction of the cost, this modern-day E9 Batmobile raises eyebrows with its hefty premium. But for 50 enthusiasts, shelling out supercar money for what essentially remains an M4 seemed like a worthy investment.

While most of the 3.0 CSLs are crafted with a left-hand-drive configuration, a recent walkaround video showcases a rare gem sporting a right-hand-drive layout. The 13th vehicle in production, this unique specimen made its way to Singapore, challenging norms in a country where left-side driving dominates.

Drenched in Alpine White with manually applied M motifs, all 50 units of the 3.0 CSL exude exclusivity. Featuring signature laser taillights and a sleek body kit, these two-seater marvels boast a clutch pedal and stick shift, offering a nostalgic driving experience amidst modern enhancements.

Despite the jaw-dropping price, the 3.0 CSL marks a milestone in BMW’s legacy, albeit leaving enthusiasts pondering over missed opportunities. While the centre-lock wheels and redesigned kidney grille captivate, visions of the unreleased I16 supercar linger, teasing what could have been a true homage to BMW’s M lineage.

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