BMW’s New M Badge Placement Strategy

BMW’s new M Performance badge placement has sparked curiosity among car enthusiasts. Traditionally, M badges adorn the front kidney grilles of M Performance models, but the 2025 M240i showcases the letter on the lower air intake. This change aligns the global model with the Chinese version, where this placement has been standard since its market introduction.

Photo from Motor1

BMW’s M badge repositioning trend started around 2021 with the X3 M40i and X4 M40i facelifts. However, the 2025 M240i’s low badge placement diverges from the usual kidney grille positioning, raising eyebrows. The unusual spot might be due to the active grille feature on the M240i.

Interestingly, BMW’s nomenclature isn’t consistent across its lineup. While the new M135i dropped the historical “i” for fuel injection, the M240i retains it. BMW plans to phase out the “i” for future gasoline models, but for now, this inconsistency remains.

BMW has visually narrowed the gap between M Performance and true M models. The latest M Performance cars, including the M135, X1 M35i, and X2 M35i, feature sporty enhancements like quad exhaust systems, traditionally reserved for full M models. This strategy has paid off, with the i4 M50 being the best-selling M division vehicle in 2022 and 2023.

While some purists may dislike M Performance models sharing the prestigious M badge, BMW’s strategy leverages the M brand’s allure to boost sales. By blending M Performance with full M models, BMW aims to attract a broader customer base, even if it risks alienating some hardcore fans.

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