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[VIDEO] BMW G87 M2 xDrive Project: A 1400+ HP Challenge


Teaming up with Tom Wrigley Performance, the goal is to transform a Papaya Orange BMW G87 M2 into a 1400+ whp xDrive monster for Texas 2K25. This project includes a complete OEM xDrive swap, an engine and gearbox build with a single-turbo kit, and possible custom bodywork and interior modifications. …

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[VIDEO] G81 M3 & G87 M2 CSL Tackle Nürburgring and Autobahn


Evolve Automotive kicked off its first European tour of the year by bringing two powerhouse models—the G81 M3 Touring and the G87 M2 CSL—to some of the world’s most iconic driving locations. Both cars, equipped with comprehensive handling packages from their respective M3 CS and M4 CSL series, were set …

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[VIDEO] Bagged 2024 BMW G87 M2: A First Look


R44 Performance celebrates one year into the production of the BMW G87 M2 with a showcase of increasingly bold modifications. One build truly stands out—the first 2024 G87 M2 equipped with Air Lift’s 3H air suspension system. This M2 sports BBS LMR 3-piece split alloy wheels under its advanced suspension. …

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[VIDEO] BMW M2 Outperforms Nissan Z in Epic Race


This week, the automotive world witnessed a thrilling showdown between two track titans: the BMW M2 and the Nissan Z Nismo. The event unfolded on Edmunds’ U-Drag race track, showcasing a face-off that was both intense and technical. It began with a quarter-mile drag, followed by sharp braking to a …

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2025 G87 BMW M2: Unveiling Fresh and Classic Colour Choices


Excitement abounds for BMW enthusiasts with the introduction of the 2025 M2’s vibrant colour updates. This model year, BMW introduces a fresh array of exterior colours that infuse modernity into the M2’s dynamic presence. Photo from BMW Group (2023 BMW M2) Skyscraper Grey Metallic, Portimao Blue Metallic, Sao Paulo Yellow, …

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