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BMW.SG was founded on the 25th of September 2001 as a BMW enthusiast community by co-founders Axl Ang and Ryan Chua, together with 8 other friends who drove BMWs at the time.

Since then, we’ve grown to a community of over 80,000 strong in the past 24 years.

Our objectives are to encourage interaction, technical sharing and engagement between all the region’s BMW drivers, enthusiasts and fans. Highlights include regular monthly meetups, karting trips, driving convoys, special forum lunches/dinners, and weekly informal gatherings.

Our portal provides up-to-date BMW news, media, featured member cars, articles, and events. Most of the online interaction takes place in the discussion forums, where there are topics relating to BMW maintenance, modifications, troubleshooting, and automotive talk in general.

The BMW.SG team currently consists of a full-time staff consisting of editorial, content, media, technical and administrative roles. It is assisted by volunteer moderators by members of the community.


Honourary Members
Name: Axl Ang
Forum Nickname: Axl
Role: C0-Founder (2001)

Axl co-founded BMW SG in 2001 and, through his active participation and passion for BMWs, was instrumental in building the initial ‘core members’ group.

Today he plays an advisory role in the administrative group and continues contributing to the community’s growth by organizing events and gatherings. We wouldn’t be here without him!


Current Volunteer Team of Community Administrators and Moderators
Name: Alvin Koh
Forum Nickname: puny (contact)
Role: Technical Advisor / Administrator

Intelligent, dilligent and extremely capable individual blessed with indept knowledge on creating amazing software and running our servers without compromising on security and up-time. Don’t mistake his quiet demeanour. Hide the fact that he was a Mr Man Hunt before. 

Name: Alan Nah
Forum Nickname: piggyboyz (contact)
Role: Technical Guru / Administrator

He always plays the shocker with his uber-knowledge of tips and tricks on the technical bits and pieces of every BMW part imaginable. Alan currently and often plays technical advisor to many newcomers, and he has had experience and love for the BMW marque ever since his kindergarten days.

Name: Barry
Forum Nickname: rex_vtec7 (contact)
Role: Product Specialist / Moderator

A respected peacemaker and figurehead in the community, Barry loves speed yet always keeps to proper road limits. Barry is currently a pilot and loves to travel the world.

Name: Sam Chow
Forum Nickname: azrielsc (contact)
Role: PR Advisor / Administrator

Sam plays up a great host and community leader.

Name: Michelle Chieng
Forum Nickname: Babe (contact)
Role: Event Organiser / Moderator

As bubbly and happy like a youthful cheerleader, Michelle currently takes the lead in organising and planning events for the community.

Apart from juggling time from her busy career, she mothers most of the other admin staff with good food and love.

Name: Louis Soon
Forum Nickname: mockngbrd (contact)
Role: Moderator

He is gifted in the sight and all things beautiful (he’s a designer in the real world), as well as a die-hard blue propeller fan.


Name: Shawn Peh
Forum Nickname: racebred (contact)
Role: Administrator

Smart, handsome, saavy off-wheel and a very clever businessman, Shawn with his satirical wit and at times dry humour often comes across as a breed of a local Jeremy Clarkson from Top gear minus the bad hair.

Name: Alvin Chan
Forum Nickname: ac323 (contact)
Role: Moderator

Often dressed in dark shades and zipping around in his awesome Z4, Alvin looks every bit like a hero from those martial arts movies (中华英雄). He’s well-loved and respected for his friendliness and now spends his time keeping peace in our forums.

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