BMW Premieres at Auto China Beijing 2024

The BMW Group unveiled new BMW and MINI models at the 2024 Auto China exhibition in Beijing, showcasing its advancements in electrification, digitization, and sustainability, spearheaded by the BMW Vision Neue Klasse. Oliver Zipse, Chairman of BMW AG, unveiled the BMW Vision Neue Klasse, set to debut in 2025, with production starting at Debrecen and Chinese facilities. This signifies a major shift towards sustainable transportation with digital enhancements.

Image by BMW Group

The BMW i4, the epitome of BMW’s electric vehicle success, debuted in its latest iteration. It highlights BMW’s flexible platform, which accommodates electric and combustion engines. The MINI Aceman makes its world premiere, bridging the gap between the MINI Cooper and Countryman. This embodies the essence of MINI’s iconic design and modern functionality. Jochen Goller, BMW AG Board Member, emphasized MINI’s historic ethos, which was revamped for contemporary urban living.

Auto China Beijing, themed “New Era, New Cars,” hosted BMW’s presentation, underscoring the exhibition’s significance in the global automotive industry. The BMW Vision Neue Klasse showcased innovative designs, emphasizing electrification and digital interfaces, setting new standards for sustainable mobility. With reduced materials and enhanced recyclability, BMW paves the way for a circular economy, aligning with its long-term sustainability goals.

The premieres of the BMW i4, BMW 4 Series Gran Coupé, and MINI Aceman underscore BMW’s commitment to advancing electric mobility and digital experiences. Enhanced driving dynamics, futuristic interiors, and innovative charging solutions epitomize BMW’s pursuit of premium, sustainable mobility. Auto China Beijing 2024 marks a pivotal moment in BMW’s journey towards a greener, technologically advanced future.

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