BMW at Milan Design Week: Unveiling the Future of Joy

In the heart of Milan, within the bustling Brera district, BMW Group Design introduces the Vision Neue Klasse and Vision Neue Klasse X. These concept vehicles are not just cars but manifestos of BMW’s future direction. Adrian van Hooydonk, Head of BMW Group Design, describes the Neue Klasse as a pivotal shift for the company, marking a transformation deeply rooted in both aesthetic and functional aspects of car design.

Image from BMW Group

The journey begins when you step through the floral-decorated portal at Via Monte Napoleone 12. This entryway does more than just welcome; it transports you to an optimistic future. Subtle sounds and scents mingle as you walk through, enhancing the atmosphere of innovation and inspiration.

Image from BMW Group

Inside, the exhibition space radiates warmth with its rich palette of yellows and oranges, reflecting the vibrant life force of the Neue Klasse. As visitors progress through the exhibit, they experience a seamless blend of design disciplines—interior and exterior, colour and trim, user interface, and sound design—each element converging to craft a holistic user experience. A dazzling light show syncs with the colour themes of the vision vehicles, immersing you further into the world of BMW’s future.

Not only does the exhibit showcase breathtaking design, but it also emphasises sustainability. Samples of sustainable colours and materials are displayed alongside artworks and multimedia presentations of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse and BMW Vision Neue Klasse X, offering a tactile glimpse into the future of automotive materials and design philosophy.

The Salone del Mobile is a vital platform for creative minds from across design, fashion, art, and architecture to converge and exchange ideas. This year, Holger Hampf, Head of BMW Group Designworks, and Alice Rawsthorn, a celebrated design critic, delve into how design accelerates positive change. Their discussion on encapsulates the spirit of innovation that BMW strives to embody.

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