BMW Vision Neue Klasse X Sits Between X3 and X5

Earlier this week, BMW refrained from disclosing official technical specifications during the Vision Neue Klasse X unveiling. Instead, the focus was solely on highlighting the advantages of the sixth-generation round-cell batteries, briefly mentioning efficiency and aerodynamic improvements compared to the current iX3. Intrigued by this, BMWBlog interviewed the designer of the electric SUV to uncover further details.

According to Kai Lander, Head of BMW i Design, the new concept falls between the size of the X5 and the current CLAR-based iX3. For reference, the outgoing iX3 measures 4734 mm (186.3 in) long, 1891 mm (74.4 in) wide, and 1668 mm (65.6 in) tall. The X5, on the other hand, stands at 1755 mm (69 in) in height, 2004 mm (78.9 in) in width, and 4935 mm (194.2 in) in length.

Kai Lander noted that the current 3 Series Sedan is smaller than last year’s Vision Neue Klasse sedan. When asked about the change in the front fascia for the X concept, with the kidneys oriented vertically instead of horizontally, as in the previous idea, he explained that this decision was made to differentiate the two vehicles visually. Additionally, the taller front fascia of the SUV and the upright grille are better suited for it.

The head of BMW i Design clarified that the typical SUV buyer prefers a more pronounced front fascia. Kai Lander stated that the Vision Neue Klasse X is “pretty close” to the production version set for release in 2025. He even mentioned that his mother cannot distinguish between the concept and the upcoming road-going model.

Light has replaced chrome as a distinguishing feature of luxury vehicles in BMW’s pursuit of environmental friendliness. The concept sits lower to the ground for enhanced aerodynamic efficiency compared to the current X3 model. Additionally, Kai Lander mentioned that the interior has been revised from the Vision Neue Klasse car, featuring a backbench with cushions instead of individual seats.

The upcoming Debrecen facility in Hungary will commence series production of the Neue Klasse-based BMW iX3 (NA5) by mid-2025. Meanwhile, the Dadong facility in China will continue manufacturing the existing model, G08, for the foreseeable future.

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