BMW 7 Series Protection on A Bulletproof Test Drive

The market for armoured vehicles is experiencing steady growth. Despite the decrease in terror attacks against European politicians and corporate executives, armoured cars remain crucial assets. However, the armoured vehicle is just one aspect; they are ineffective without well-trained bodyguards. A group of BMW enthusiasts recently trained in personal protection, utilizing the new BMW 760i and i7 protection models.

Suddenly, an explosion rocks the dark alleyway. A massive blast erupts to the left of the fully armoured BMW 7 Series, accompanied by a fireball. Instantly, the driver shifts gears and races into the nearby woodland. The Princess, safely guarded in the back, emerges unharmed. After the ordeal, the two bodyguards in the front visibly exhale in relief.

In the BMW personal protection training program, another test unfolds, following a pattern of the past two days. However, instructor Reinhard Endreß offers little praise for a successful mission. Reinhard mentions in a serious demeanour that the bodyguards in the car didn’t flinch at the explosion; instead, they swiftly accelerated to exit the danger zone, asserts the former police officer.

Reinhard elaborated that the road would be significantly damaged following an explosion of this magnitude. He explained that simply driving forward or accelerating wouldn’t suffice in such a situation. Instead, he emphasized the importance of engaging in full braking followed by reversing at full throttle — that, he believed, would have been the appropriate response. As he addressed the group, the participants’ complexion noticeably paled compared to when the explosion occurred.

BMW conducts expert personal protection training multiple times yearly, distinguishing itself among the few companies offering such services. The list of participants remains exclusive and confidential, with no names or titles disclosed. The location is renowned for serving as a regular training ground for state and federal special forces. Additionally, the remaining clientele comprises drivers for prominent politicians, ministries, diplomats, nobility, and significant corporations.

Bodyguards shouldn’t feel intimidated by their equipment, but even specialists face mental hurdles. Transitioning between older armoured vehicles complicates matters, especially when the trapped vehicle is closer to the crash barrier than the escape vehicle.

Nevertheless, they push through the traffic jam at full speed, causing it to crash and rattle. Despite the chaos, they escape with only a dented front end.

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