BMW X5 Unveils High Fashion Model Inspired by Naomi Campbell

BMW has introduced its latest marvel, the XM Mystique Allure, at the 77th Cannes Film Festival, where it proudly serves as an official partner. This new model isn’t just another car; it’s a celebration of high fashion, influenced by British supermodel Naomi Campbell. The XM Mystique Allure dazzles in ultramarine, Campbell’s favourite colour – a deep blue so rich it nearly shifts to purple, finished in a striking matte.

Image from DuPont Registry

The interior of the XM Mystique Allure complements its lavish exterior. It features luxurious velvet and metallic sequins that merge automotive and fashion design. This blend marks BMW’s first foray into high-fashion show cars, making each vehicle a masterpiece. Naomi Campbell shared her excitement about inspiring this vehicle, emphasizing its embodiment of high fashion.

Image from DuPont Registry

BMW enhanced the XM Mystique Allure’s appeal by collaborating with renowned composer Hans Zimmer to refine the car’s sound experience. Zimmer has been with BMW since 2021, enhancing the brand’s sensory impact. This partnership underscores BMW’s commitment to merging arts and innovation, positioning the XM Mystique Allure beyond traditional automotive design.

As Cannes prepares to roll out the red carpet, BMW ensures festival attendees experience luxury mobility. It provides shuttle services with its electric and hybrid vehicles fleet, including the i7, iX, i5, and the hybrid XM. This year, the festival is set to be even more glamorous with the addition of the BMW XM Mystique Allure, a vehicle that not only reflects Campbell’s iconic status but also BMW’s innovative edge in luxury automotive design.

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