[VIDEO] G81 M3 & G87 M2 CSL Tackle Nürburgring and Autobahn

Evolve Automotive kicked off its first European tour of the year by bringing two powerhouse models—the G81 M3 Touring and the G87 M2 CSL—to some of the world’s most iconic driving locations. Both cars, equipped with comprehensive handling packages from their respective M3 CS and M4 CSL series, were set to be evaluated by external experts on their performance.

The tour commenced in Germany, where the team met up with renowned automotive influencer Misha at Vulcan Alpha. Misha took both vehicles for rigorous spins around the Nürburgring, affectionately known as the “Green Hell,” to assess their handling and overall agility on one of the toughest tracks in the world.

After intense laps at Nürburgring, Evolve Automotive’s journey continued to the Netherlands. The renowned testing group AutoTopNL was ready to push the vehicles to their limits on the Autobahn. They tested the cars’ high-speed capabilities and conducted thorough reviews on various B-roads to see how they managed in less controlled, real-world conditions.

Feedback from the sessions highlighted some areas for improvement. Discussions with Vulcan Alpha about potential enhancements focused on refining stability and aerodynamics to better suit high-speed track performance. Meanwhile, AutoTopNL’s rigorous Autobahn runs showcased the raw speed and handling finesse of both BMW models, confirming their prowess in structured and spontaneous driving environments.

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