BMW M5’s Hybrid Boost Weighs More Than 400 Kilos

The 2024 BMW M5 has sparked much discussion, particularly about its weight. The new model, weighing 2,435 kilograms, is significantly heavier than its predecessor, primarily due to its hybrid system. BMW M chief Frank van Meel explained that the hybrid system adds about 400 kilograms. Despite the added weight, van Meel emphasized the advantages of full electrification over traditional hybrids, which already add substantial weight.

Photo from Motor1

On social media, comparisons with older BMW models and other vehicles highlighted the drastic weight increase. However, van Meel pointed out that modern cars have different safety and technology standards, making direct comparisons difficult. The hybrid system’s battery placement helps lower the car’s centre of gravity, enhancing performance.

Photo from Motor1

Without the hybrid technology, the new M5 would still be heavier than its rivals but closer in weight. Van Meel also mentioned that a four-cylinder engine was briefly considered but ultimately rejected in favour of the V8, valued for its compactness and power.

The idea of an all-electric M5 was also discussed but dismissed due to current technology limitations. While an electric version might be lighter, it wouldn’t yet meet the performance and range expectations of M5 buyers. As technology advances, the possibility of an electric M5 remains on the horizon.

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