BMW Vision Neue Klasse Echoes the E30 3 Series

The upcoming BMW Neue Klasse series pays homage to its heritage, notably the original Neue Klasse, a fact long apparent. Speculation suggested that the nearing Neue Klasse 3 Series drew inspiration from the dimensions and aesthetics of the E30 3 Series. This speculation has now been confirmed. Kai Langer, Head of BMW i Design, expressed his team’s intention to revive the dynamic essence of the cherished E30 3 Series 2.5-box sedan.

Langer’s design team, entrusted with blending past and future, adjusted the BMW Vision Neue Klasse sedan’s beltline. They mirrored the window sill height of the E30, the second-generation 3 Series. This was produced from 1982 to 1994. During a BMW news briefing in Portugal, Langer emphasized his directive. He insisted on aligning the vehicle’s beltline with that of the E30.

Naturally, the Vision Neue Klasse sedan draws inspiration from various sources. Domagok Dukec, head of BMW design, revealed that the E21 3 Series also influenced the design. The car features an angular nose, minimal overhangs, and a long bonnet. Additionally, the back end boasts an intriguing tilted shape and a stubby appearance.

The release of the Rivian R3 has fueled a surge in the popularity of retro style. But the question lingers: Is retro design still pertinent today, or is it just a fleeting trend for nostalgic enthusiasts? With the “new” Neue Klasse, BMW’s design team pays homage to its heritage while catering to a diverse clientele. Thus, it’s crucial to captivate everyone’s attention. We can only anticipate that the production models will maintain their current form, given the promising initial feedback.

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