BMW’s Steyr Plant Primed for the Neue Klasse

BMW’s Steyr facility marks a significant step into the future of electric mobility with new production halls dedicated to the upcoming Neue Klasse e-drives. Construction initiated in September 2022, culminating in a topping-out ceremony a year later, unveiling 60,000 square meters of production space within a massive 105 by 150-meter building, according to Helmut Hochsteiner, Head of Electric Drives.

Pre-series production, starting this July, will witness the installation of around 300 specialized pieces of plant and machinery, including a substantial ‘marriage’ station spanning 30 meters. This station, operated by four robots, efficiently attaches the transmission to the main motor, a crucial step for production efficiency.

Klaus von Moltke, Senior Vice President of Engine Production at BMW AG, and Plant Director of Steyr, emphasized the project’s financial commitment, with an investment surpassing 500 million euros in plant and equipment. This underlines BMW’s dedication to Steyr, on track to start series production of e-drives for the Neue Klasse by the autumn of 2025.

The assembly hall recently welcomed its first piece of equipment: a crane designed to move power electronics components, setting the stage for integrating the inverter and e-drive. Looking forward, the BMW Group plans to invest around 1 billion euros in e-drive production at Steyr by 2030, aiming to produce over 600,000 e-drives annually alongside traditional diesel and petrol engines. The Steyr facility plays a pivotal role in BMW’s commitment to shaping the future of automotive propulsion.

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