BMW i5 M60 xDrive: Exploring the World of Artistry

BMW continues its tradition of collaborating with artists to produce unique Art Cars, with the latest addition being the BMW i5 M60 xDrive. Based on the M60 xDrive saloon, this new Art Car serves as a canvas for Swedish artist Katrin Westman.

Image by Top Gear

Inspired by the theme ‘Wetland’, Westman’s design features various blue, purple, and red tones applied to the Mineral White base paint. While specific details about the inspiration behind the theme remain undisclosed, the artwork undoubtedly captivates with its stunning visual appeal.

Image by Top Gear

The BMW i5 M60 xDrive Art Car is set to debut at the Market Art Fair in Stockholm, where it will transport guests to and from the event. This collaboration highlights BMW’s commitment to combining art and mobility, emphasizing its involvement in art and culture. Johanna Kriisa, BMW Sweden boss, expresses the brand’s dedication to supporting young Nordic artists and fostering creativity in the automotive world.

Following its appearance at the fair, the i5 Art Car will likely join BMW’s esteemed collection of Art Cars, further solidifying the brand’s legacy in artistic expression. As BMW continues to push the boundaries of design and innovation, the i5 M60 xDrive Art Car is a testament to the brand’s commitment to creativity and excellence. With its captivating design and powerful performance, the BMW i5 M60 xDrive Art Car will leave a lasting impression on art enthusiasts and automotive enthusiasts alike.

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