2025 BMW i4: A Closer Look at the Updated Electric Vehicle

The revamped BMW i4 boasts subtle yet impactful enhancements to maintain its competitive edge against formidable rivals like the Tesla Model 3 and Polestar 2. While retaining its sleek aesthetic, this updated iteration brings noteworthy upgrades, especially in its powertrain department.

Image by Car and Driver

The headlights now use a single LED module for both high and low beams, showing a unique vertical arrow-shaped signature for the daytime running lights and indicators. Also, a new matte chrome grille surround adds sophistication to the front. At the rear, a sleek gloss black diffuser enhances the lower bumpers. Choosing adaptive LED headlights reveals striking Laserlight rear lights crafted using advanced fibre optics technology. These lights create a detailed illumination pattern, improving the vehicle’s visual appeal.

Inside the cabin, the M Performance and M Sport variants boast a fresh velour-like upholstery dubbed Performtex and a sporty flat-bottomed M steering wheel. Interior trims have been subtly tweaked, and a new vent controller design enhances aesthetics and functionality.

Underneath the hood, the new BMW i4 sticks to its previous motor and battery configurations. It comes in the eDrive35, eDrive40, and the high-performance M50 variants. The eDrive30 generates 286hp with the smallest battery, offering a range of up to 311 miles. Moving up to the eDrive40 increases power to 340hp, extending the range to 373 miles with a larger battery. At the top of the lineup is the powerful M50, boasting 544hp and a maximum range of 324 miles.

Despite these advancements, the BMW i4 maintains competitive pricing. Starting at £50,365, the eDrive35 is followed by the eDrive40 at £58,460 and the range-topping M50 at £69,995. Scheduled for deliveries beginning in July 2024, the revamped i4 promises electrifying performance and cutting-edge technology, reaffirming BMW’s commitment to innovation in the electric vehicle segment.

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