BMW i4 eDrive40: A Blend of Familiarity and Futurism

BMW enthusiasts and electric vehicle aficionados have eagerly anticipated the arrival of BMW’s dedicated electric car platform. However, they will have to wait until 2025 for the first models based on the innovative Neue Klasse architecture to enter production. In the meantime, BMW’s current lineup of electric vehicles shares a striking resemblance to their internal combustion engine counterparts. The i4 eDrive40 mirrors the design of the well-known 5 Series G60 inside and out while incorporating some distinctive i-specific elements.

One such i4 eDrive40 model, in Mineral White and adorned with 20-inch wheels (938 M style), could easily be mistaken for a regular 520d or a 540i at first glance. However, this variant sets itself apart with the inclusion of the M Sport Package and the M Sport Package Pro, which enhance its visual appeal. Noteworthy additions from these packages include an illuminated grille contour, Shadowline accents, and a trunk lid spoiler. Although not the M Performance version (i5 M60), the kidney grilles retain a traditional look with vertical slats.

This eighth-generation model measures 5060 mm (199.2 inches) in length. It even surpasses the E65 7 Series that was available until 2008. Inside, a right-hand-drive model with a matching white interior features the Smoke White Veganza option. This makes the G60 the first BMW model with a fully vegan interior, emphasizing BMW’s commitment to sustainability.

Significant changes in the dashboard has undergone a complete redesign to accommodate a range of high-tech displays. BMW embraces minimalism by integrating button functionalities into the expansive main screen, reducing physical buttons. Rear passengers have a touch panel for climate control but miss out on the impressive 31.3-inch Theatre Screen of the 7 Series. The blend of BMW’s performance and electric powertrains resonates with buyers, propelling the company to new heights as industry pioneers.

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