BMW Technology

Autonomous Transport Vehicle Revolutionizes BMW Group Plant Regensburg

BMW Group Plant Regensburg has introduced an autonomous transport vehicle, advancing its digitalization and automation efforts. This driverless electric vehicle, equipped with LiDAR sensors, navigates the press plant precisely and carries up to 55 tonnes, enhancing efficiency and safety. Tobias Müller, press plant maintenance manager, highlights the benefits: “This emission-free …

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Mini Mixes It Up: VR Tech Transforms Travel


Mini has unveiled an exciting peek into the future with its latest innovation: Mini Mixed Reality. This cutting-edge technology merges the virtual and real worlds, revolutionizing how drivers experience the journey. Photo from DRIVEN Car Guide Imagine stepping into your all-electric Mini Cooper, putting on a VR headset, and instantly …

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Introducing the future of BMW: The Vision Neue Klasse.

“Neue Klasse,” or “New Class,” is a name synonymous with propellerheads the world over. Most of us know it as the series of historic BMW sedans and coupes that would eventually go on to spawn the iconic 2002. However, only the true BMW nerds (us included) know just how important …

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Decoding BMW’s OS 8.5: Choosing the Right Head Unit


BMW’s latest Operating System 8.5 enhances user interactions with its QuickSelect feature. This system only works with cars with the Head Unit High 5 (MGU 22), powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip. Sadly, upgrading Head Unit High 4 vehicles to OS 8.5 isn’t an option. This refreshed infotainment system brings …

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BMW Reassures Car Owners: No Forced Dependence on AI


More than just a prototype for an electric 3 Series Sedan, the I Vision Dee is a complete vehicle. It portends a new design language for BMW and the next era of cutting-edge automobiles. A built-in assistant with “intelligent, almost human capabilities” was described in the CES idea as the …

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