Safeguarding G80 M3 CS’s Frozen Paint with PPF

For the 2024 BMW G80 M3 CS, the owner embarked on a journey of distinction with the exclusive BMW Individual Frozen Solid White. This debut color serves as a testament to sophistication. Its unique blend of matte elegance that catches the eye and sets it apart on the road.

The color options for the 2024 M3 CS are deliberately limited. You can choose from Black Sapphire Metallic, Brooklyn Grey Metallic, Signal Green, and the distinguished Frozen Solid White. Each color carries its own aura, but the Frozen Solid White adds an extra layer of exclusivity to the experience.

Matte paint care is a meticulous process. The delicacy of this finish prohibits traditional interventions like buffing, polishing, or touch-ups. 

To preserve the pristine appearance, the owner took proactive measures, opting for day one protection with Paint Protection Film (PPF). This additional layer ensures that the $4,500 investment in the special paint remains shielded from potential damage and retains its allure.

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