Rare BMW 3.0 CSL Sighting in Tokyo

When BMW introduced the 3.0 CSL last year, it sparked significant discussion. This special edition marked the M division’s 50th anniversary in 2022. However, the price tag, around €750,000, drew more attention than the car itself. Notably, one of these cars recently fetched over €1 million at auction.

Today’s 3.0 CSL can be likened to an M4 CSL with centerlock wheels, a manual gearbox, a custom body, and a distinctive paint finish. It boasts an additional 10 horsepower, making it the most powerful BMW inline-six production car ever. Despite its distinctive design, some devoted fans had difficulty envisioning a car so closely related to the M4. In Germany, the base version of this sports coupe, featuring rear-wheel drive and a manual transmission, is priced at €93,400.

Despite the exorbitant price, BMW had no difficulty selling all 50 cars built and delivered. In a recent video, one of these cars was spotted in Tokyo. Even though Japan follows right-hand drive norms, it’s worth mentioning that all 3.0 CSLs were produced with left-hand drive steering wheels.

It has a commanding presence, and seeing it in action instead of in storage is excellent. BMW hand-painted the carbon fibre body panels in Alpine White. While we hope to see the grille design in production cars, it remains a wish for now. Exposed carbon fibre is limited to the roof lettering and the rear wing, reminiscent of the E9 “Batmobile.”

While the 3.0 CSL looks good, purists might have expected more for €750,000. Some might have preferred a production version of the Vision M Next. BMW remains cautious about producing another supercar after the M1. The mid-engine legend faced numerous development challenges, making it a complex project.

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