BMW M4 CS Review: M Perfects the Formula

Understanding the excitement around the BMW M4 CS starts with knowing its big sibling, the M4 CSL. Released a few years ago, the M4 CSL was a limited-run, high-performance model with a hefty price tag. Despite its prestige, it didn’t fully live up to its dramatic expectations.

Photo from Autocar UK

While the M4 CSL impresses with its handling and power, it feels too similar to the M4 Competition. Despite its lighter build, it carried a hefty weight and had a somewhat over-the-top appearance. Its aggressive handling made it challenging on damp roads, often feeling too wild for everyday driving.

Enter the new M4 CS, designed to capture the CSL’s spirit but with better road manners. It shares the same 542bhp 3.0-litre straight-six engine and carbon-ceramic brakes. The M4 CS features a bespoke tune for the damping, springs, DSC, steering, and brakes. Inside, it boasts an Alcantara steering wheel, a carbon-finished centre console, and bucket seats, creating a track-ready yet refined cabin.

On the road and track, the M4 CS shines. Its balance between performance and drivability makes it a standout. The car offers impressive turn-in accuracy, mid-corner stability, and excellent traction on exit. While it could benefit from lighter weight and more resolute brakes, the overall experience solidifies the M4 CS as a class-leading sports coupe. Only 100 units will be available in the UK, making it a rare and desirable addition to any collection.

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