Beyond Boundaries: PUMA x BMW’s Artful Fusion

In celebration of the legendary artist Roy Lichtenstein’s centennial, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport have joined forces to weave together automotive design, art, and fashion. The collaborative capsule collection pays homage to Lichtenstein’s renowned BMW Art Car, a masterpiece that debuted in 1977 as the third installment in the series. This unique collaboration bridges Lichtenstein’s timeless artistic vision and PUMA’s contemporary fashion sensibilities.

Roy Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car, adorned with his distinctive “Ben-Day dots” artwork, significantly impacted the Le Mans race in 1977, securing 9th place and first in its class. This visually striking design created a dynamic illusion, symbolizing the sun’s movement throughout the race. Now, PUMA and BMW M Motorsport are reviving the essence of this iconic Art Car through a limited-edition capsule collection that reflects Lichtenstein’s artistic prowess and the dynamic styles of both brands.

The carefully curated ensemble includes a jacket, pants, tee, cap, and PUMA Suedes, all inspired by the captivating design elements of Lichtenstein’s BMW 320i Turbo Art Car. The visual language of “Ben Day dots” and a vibrant color palette combine to create a striking aesthetic. This Art Car Collection, positioned as a collector’s item, is currently available in selected PUMA stores and online at, offering art and fashion enthusiasts the opportunity to own a piece of automotive and artistic history.

“Reviving Art and Speed: PUMA and BMW’s Tribute to Roy Lichtenstein” invites enthusiasts to explore the intersection of art and speed, showcasing how two iconic brands have come together to reimagine a legendary piece of automotive history.

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