Laguna Seca Blue Back on the BMW M3

Laguna Seca Blue, the iconic colour reminiscent of the legendary race track in California, has returned triumphantly to BMW’s lineup. Once adorning the famed M3 E46, this coveted hue is now available for order on the G80 M3, the M3 Touring G81, and the M4 G82 Coupe and G83 Convertible. Inspired by the rich heritage of motorsport, BMW enthusiasts are thrilled to see this classic shade grace the latest models.

Named after the iconic Laguna Seca circuit, this mesmerizing blue hue carries a legacy deeply rooted in automotive history. Originally built in 1957, the circuit underwent various transformations, eventually adopting WeatherTech after its primary sponsor. From the M3 E46 to the Z3 M Coupe, Laguna Seca Blue has adorned some of BMW’s most iconic models, igniting passion among racing enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Following years of anticipation and petitions from devoted fans, Laguna Seca Blue has made its much-awaited comeback. With members of the Bimmer Post forums eagerly placing orders for M3s and M4s in this distinct hue, it’s clear that the demand for this timeless colour has only grown stronger over the years. As a special-order Individual colour, enthusiasts can now personalize their BMWs with the iconic Laguna Seca Blue, albeit at an additional cost.

While Laguna Seca Blue steals the spotlight, BMW’s commitment to innovation is evident in its diverse colour palette. The brand caters to various preferences, from matte options like Frozen Tanzanite Blue to vibrant shades such as Sonic Speed Blue. As the automotive industry evolves, BMW’s embracing tradition alongside innovation ensures that enthusiasts can find the perfect colour to complement their driving experience.

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