BMW Z4 M40i Pure Impulse Edition Adds a Manual Twist

BMW responds to the demand in Europe by introducing the manual transmission option for the Z4 M40i with the Pure Impulse Edition. Similar to its American counterpart, this variant retains features but undergoes significant detuning to meet emission regulations, producing 335 hp. The manual variant reaches 62 mph in 4.6 seconds, weighing 15 kg less than the automatic version.

Entering Europe as a 2024 model, the Z4 M40i sees updates, including Sanremo Green metallic paint for the sDrive20i and sDrive30i. The more powerful variant gets standard M Sport features. Customization options include an anthracite silver top as an alternative to the standard black fabric roof.

The 2024 Z4 M40i Pure Impulse Edition launches in March, aligning with the US market debut. Manufactured by Magna Steyr in Austria (codenamed G29), this convertible is expected to cease production in March 2026, with no confirmed replacement. 

Despite potential changes, BMW enthusiasts can anticipate the unique driving experience of the manual transmission Pure Impulse Edition in Europe.

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