Sneak Peek: Unveiling the 2025 MINI Cooper S F66

Check out the live photos from Portugal showcasing the 2025 MINI Cooper S (F66) in its striking Ocean Wave Green colour below. This premium small hatchback marks a significant evolution with its lightly restyled front fascia and completely new rear design. Notably, the F66, available in a three-door variant, shares many design elements with its electric counterpart, the J01, blending iconic MINI charm with contemporary aesthetics.

At first glance, the similarities between the J01 and F66 are apparent, but it’s upon closer inspection that their distinct characteristics emerge. Both models feature smooth surfaces, updated lighting, and a cleaner profile without side scuttles. However, subtle differences like the redesigned octagonal grille and unique silver accents set them apart, demonstrating MINI’s commitment to seamlessly blending the classic with the modern.

Beneath their sleek exteriors, the J01 and F66 prioritize aerodynamics and efficiency. Features like flush door handles and refined contours enhance their aesthetics and contribute to a drag coefficient of 0.28. While the F66 boasts a more squared design, the J01’s tapered rear exudes elegance, accentuating its electric performance. Inside the cabin, both models embraced minimalism, featuring a circular 9.4” OLED touchscreen and reduced switchgear for a streamlined experience.

Despite these updates, the 2025 MINI Cooper S F66 remains firmly rooted in its heritage while embracing innovation. With enhanced comfort features, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to performance, the F66 sets a new standard for the iconic MINI brand. As production gears up in the US, anticipation builds for the arrival of this dynamic vehicle, promising an exciting new chapter in the storied history of MINI.

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