Transforming a BMW 5 Series F10 into a G30

While upgrading to a newer version or opting for aftermarket modifications are common solutions, an Indian workshop has introduced a unique approach. This Pune-based shop, known as Brotomotiv, recently undertook an exterior makeover project on a 5 Series F10. It has successfully made onlookers believe it’s the latest G30 model.

The transformation involved meticulous attention to detail, with Brotomotiv replicating the facelifted G30’s appearance with laser headlights. The 12-year-old luxury sedan underwent a full repaint, adding a quad exhaust system for an extra touch of sophistication. Despite these changes, the workshop retained the 520d badge on the trunk lid, showcasing a blend of classic and contemporary elements.

Brotomotiv’s craftsmanship extended to modifying certain body panels. However, sharp-eyed enthusiasts can still discern its true identity. Notably, the car’s profile reveals subtle differences in character lines, but you can still spot the unique placement of trim on the front fenders. Adding the larger wheels could have enhanced the sporty aesthetics. The overall result is an impressive rejuvenation of a 2012 vehicle, giving it the illusion of a just-off-the-assembly-line appearance.

Brotomotiv’s endeavor, although not without controversy, successfully demonstrates the art of breathing new life into aging cars. Despite the unmistakable F10 roots discernible to BMW enthusiasts, the project sparks admiration for the dedication poured into achieving a seamless transformation.

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