LOOK: The M3 Touring’s Festive Makeover

BMW’s compact powerhouse, the M3 Touring, is turning heads on social media alongside the M5 Touring. Despite the G99 anticipation, the G81, a smaller but equally capable wagon, is stealing the show this holiday season. Adorned with a Christmas tree and festive lights, the M3 Touring proves wagons can be stylish and functional.

In striking red livery with tiny M logos, reminiscent of the M5 Touring, the M3 Touring boasts M Performance Parts, including an upgraded exhaust system and carbon fiber diffuser. Riding on 1000 M wheels in Frozen Gold, this high-performance wagon is a visual spectacle drifting into the holiday spirit.

Although a forbidden fruit in the US, the G81 triples production due to its commercial success. The M3 Touring’s LCI is expedited with a likely release next year, and a limited-run CS variant expected in 2025. 

While the M5 Touring debuts next year hopes rise for its US availability. Regrettably, the G81 won’t reach American roads, but indications suggest the G99 may. With only the M5 Touring confirmed for the US, it prompts curiosity about a regular 5 Series wagon or a fully electric i5/i5 M60 Touring in the future.

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