BMW’s Velvet-Covered XM Returns with Unique Flair

BMW once again pushes the boundaries of automotive design with its new, eye-catching XM. In a bold collaboration, BMW teamed up with supermodel Naomi Campbell to create a striking, velvet-covered version of this performance SUV. Campbell’s favourite colour, purple, dominates this unique vehicle. BMW’s chief designer, Domagoj Dukec, showcased it on Instagram.

Photo from Motor1

Named Mystique Allure, this exclusive XM made its first public appearance at the Cannes Film Festival. The vehicle features partial coverage in actual velvet, which raises intriguing questions about its durability in varying weather conditions. Its interior is equally lavish, with extensive use of the soft fabric. Additionally, the XM is adorned with many sequins, enhancing its distinctive and opulent look.

BMW’s experimentation with fabric isn’t new. In 2008, the automaker introduced the Gina Light Visionary Model. This concept car featured a durable fabric skin stretched over a metal framework. The Gina could change shape, hiding panel gaps and presenting a futuristic design approach.

In the early 2000s, BMW created the Gina, a roofless two-seater sports car based on the Z8. This vehicle featured a flexible fabric exterior equipped with butterfly doors and a variable rear spoiler. Hydraulic and electric actuators beneath the fabric allowed the Gina to alter its shape dynamically.

BMW continued its tradition of avant-garde designs with the super-dark X6 in 2019. This model featured Vantablack VBx2, which absorbs over 99% of light. In 2022, BMW showcased the iX Flow with E Ink technology that displayed shades of grey. In 2023, BMW developed this further with the i Vision Dee concept. This model used an advanced E-Ink system capable of displaying 32 colours across 240 body segments.

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