[VIDEO] BMW G87 M2 xDrive Project: A 1400+ HP Challenge

Teaming up with Tom Wrigley Performance, the goal is to transform a Papaya Orange BMW G87 M2 into a 1400+ whp xDrive monster for Texas 2K25. This project includes a complete OEM xDrive swap, an engine and gearbox build with a single-turbo kit, and possible custom bodywork and interior modifications. This week, the technicians at Tom Wrigley Performance removed the engine and drivetrain to assess the necessary parts and changes for the xDrive conversion.

The decision to xDrive-swap the M2 is driven by the need for traction. With plans to achieve over 1400 bhp, a rear-wheel-drive setup wouldn’t suffice, especially for quarter-mile drag racing. The team observed the success of a 1500 bhp G42 M240i with an xDrive setup, achieving a 7.9-second quarter-mile time. The G87 M2, slightly lighter than the G82, offers a unique challenge and the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind vehicle. The team also noticed similarities and differences in components. This involves the prop shaft and drive flange, which require careful modifications.

As the project progressed, the team compiled a list of parts needed for the xDrive swap. These parts include new front hubs, shocks, suspension arms, drive shafts, and a front prop shaft. Additionally, they need an xDrive steering rack and a ZF HP76 gearbox with a transfer case. They plan to retain the existing mechatronics unit, which is already coded to the G87. This ensures compatibility with the new xDrive setup. The technicians at Tom Wrigley Performance removed the engine and drivetrain in about 90 minutes. This quick removal paves the way for the next steps in the conversion.

Next, the team will install the new xDrive running gear and engine to test the system. Challenges include coding the transfer case and fitting the front prop shaft. Despite these hurdles, the project remains on track. The BMW G87 M2 xDrive conversion showcases innovation and determination. It pushes the boundaries of high-performance vehicle modification.

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