[VIDEO] BMW M8 Outpaces Bentley GT in Power-to-Weight Clash


In the thrilling world of high-performance luxury cars, the drag race between the BMW M8 Competition and the Bentley Continental GT Speed at Edmunds’ U-Drags was more than just a show of speed—it was a technical showdown emphasizing the critical role of weight in racing dynamics. These two behemoths lined …

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[VIDEO] BMW M8 Takes on Audi R8 & Mercedes SL63 in Epic Race


In a fresh Carwow video, the latest Mercedes-AMG SL 63 goes head-to-head with its chief rivals: the BMW M8 and the Audi R8 Spyder. The race, spanning several rounds, was tightly contested. Despite less-than-perfect weather, the excitement was undiminished as Mat Watson and his crew faced the challenge of drag …

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Check out BMW M’s Hybrid Power Play

BMW’s M Series, known for its unparalleled driving experience, relies on customer feedback, revealing that over 95% prioritize the feel over the type of drivetrain. Frank van Meel, BMW M’s head, confirms the endurance of the beloved inline-six and V8 engines, assuring enthusiasts they’ll persist, adopting plug-in hybrid V8 setups …

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Unveiling Luxury: Frozen Purple on the BMW M8 Convertible

When it comes to automotive design, few colors command attention like purple. The vibrant hue turns heads. BMW Individual offers an extraordinary option for those seeking extravagance: Frozen Purple. This velvety matte finish, designated by the code P9A, takes center stage on the BMW M8 Convertible, courtesy of Andrew Barker …

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Look: AC Schnitzer’s Forged Wheels Enhance BMW M Performance

AC Schnitzer, a renowned specialist in BMW, MINI, and Toyota mods, introduces a game-changing set of forged wheels for select M models. Crafted for the M3 G80 Sedan, M3 G81 Touring, M4 G82 Coupe, and M4 G83 Convertible, the AC4 set combines 20-inch front wheels and 21-inch rear wheels. With …

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