2024 BMW 5 Series G60: Advanced Driving Dynamics Unveiled

The latest iteration of the BMW 5 Series, specifically the G60 model, impresses with its blend of technology and electrification while retaining the dynamic prowess synonymous with the series.

Image by Auto Express UK

As expected, the new BMW 5 Series G60 delivers outstanding performance across various parameters. Comfortable, agile, and luxuriously appointed, it leaves little room for criticism. However, potential buyers might consider alternatives within the range, such as the all-electric i5 for enhanced refinement or the base 520 for a more budget-friendly option.

This eighth-generation executive saloon competes head-to-head with rivals like the Mercedes E-Class and the upcoming Audi A6 replacement, promising stiff competition.

The 530e model, featuring both internal combustion and electric power, is a notable offering in the UK. Boasting a substantial 19.4kWh battery, it provides an impressive electric range of up to 63 miles, with fast charging capabilities ensuring minimal downtime.

Performance-wise, the 530e delivers with its electric and petrol power combination, offering a seamless driving experience with ample acceleration and refined handling. Despite its weight, the 5 Series maintains remarkable composure on twisty roads, with precise steering and powerful brakes adding appeal.

The 5 Series exudes luxury and sophistication inside the cabin, with impeccable craftsmanship, supportive seats, and intuitive technology enhancing the driving experience. Practicality is not compromised, thanks to clever packaging that maintains generous boot space and comfortable rear seating.

While the 530e commands a premium starting price of £59,455, it offers a compelling blend of performance and efficiency. Alternatively, buyers seeking a fully electric option can opt for the i5, starting from £67,695, for an even smoother and quieter driving experience with an impressive WLTP range of up to 356 miles.

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