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2024 BMW X2 Roams Tasmania’s Twists and Turns

Navigating Tasmania’s winding roads sets the stage for testing the second-generation X2’s capabilities. With over 72 variants available locally, BMW’s new launch adds intrigue to an already saturated market. The X2, a sporty alternative to the X1, fills a gap in BMW’s compact SUV portfolio.

Image by WhichCar Au

Built on the X1 platform, the X2 stands out with a bold design and enhanced functionality. Arriving in Australia with two petrol variants and boasting an M Sport package, the X2 lineup blends performance and luxury. Electric versions, the iX2 eDrive20 and iX2 xDrive30 offer eco-conscious consumers power and sustainability.

Stretching nearly 20cm longer than its predecessor, the X2 boasts enhanced dimensions, reinforcing its midsize SUV presence. Inside, premium materials and cutting-edge technology adorn the refined cabin. On the road, the X2 delivers dynamic performance with responsive handling and precise steering.

Both petrol variants exhibited commendable performance during testing, with varying fuel consumption rates. The X2’s discreet debut belies its striking design and technological advancements, making it a compelling option in BMW’s lineup.

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