G80 BMW M3 Stands out in Matte Dark Sage

Amidst the rain, the G80 BMW M3 xDrive shines in a thrilling photo shoot, flaunting impressive mods. AML Photos captures, while Speed and Tech Motoring curates, highlighting its Matte Dark Sage wrap.

Image by Speed and Tech Motoring

The 20” BBS LMs wheels grab attention, pairing flawlessly with the aggressive stance from the M Performance HAS suspension. Kies Motorsports’ full carbon kit adds flair, decking out the front lip, side skirts, diffuser, and more.

Enhancing aesthetics and aerodynamics, the European Rear Wheel Arch Trim Set and Acexxon rear reflector seamlessly integrate into the sleek design. The iconic roundels receive a makeover with a glossy black outer ring wrap, while Vorsteiner front grills with custom mesh exude sophistication upfront.

Underneath the hood, performance upgrades abound. R44 catted downpipes and an AWE switchpath exhaust, coupled with a resonator delete, unleash the G80’s full potential, harmonizing with the Dahler valve controller for optimal sound control. Meanwhile, Carbotech’s low dust brake pads ensure consistent stopping power, ideal for spirited driving.

Lighting takes centre stage with retrofitted laser lights featuring eye-catching yellow DRLs. This comprehensive build combines form and function, embodying the essence of automotive enthusiasts’ passion for customization and performance.

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