2024 BMW 530e Gets a Mean Look with M Performance Parts

With the launch of the eighth-generation 5 Series, BMW has elevated customization options to unprecedented levels. The G60’s price can soar with the addition of numerous enhancements. Featured in a UK photo shoot, this bespoke build is a Fire Red (Vegas Red in the US) 530e plug-in hybrid luxury sedan equipped with M Performance Parts.

The right-hand drive 530e, outfitted with the M Sport Pro Package, showcases body enhancements for a more aggressive look. This PHEV model boasts a new front spoiler lip, side skirts, rear diffuser, and trunk lid spoiler. Moreover, it rides on a striking set of 21-inch wheels, the largest ever factory-installed on a 5 Series.

BMW’s Shadowline option features deeply tinted headlights, contrasting sharply with the red body and brake callipers. Glossy black details enhance this contrast. The kidney grille’s illuminated outline is now a Bavarian signature. The 5 Series reveals its large size up close, marking its growth. A body kit highlights this size difference, giving it an imposing look like an older 7 Series.

Unlike the smaller four-cylinder options, the 530e, BMW’s less powerful plug-in hybrid, uses an inline-six engine. BMW’s M division plans to reveal the M5 soon. It will be the third and most exciting plug-in hybrid variant. With no new M550i, this M5 will be the only 5 Series with a V8.

You can distinguish the 530e and 550e by the charging port on their front-left fender. This feature extends to the M5 variants as well. Multiple M5 models are coming, with a wagon in the mix. Rumours indicate the top model will sport a lithium-ion battery. Its capacity is 18.6 kWh, just under the 19.4 kWh of the non-M hybrids.

BMW is anticipated to unveil the two M variants in the upcoming months, rounding out the 5 Series lineup.

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