[VIDEO] 2024 BMW 5 Series Features 31-Inch Screen

The “G68” is a BMW codename not widely recognized outside China. It denotes the 5 Series Sedan with an extended wheelbase, a variant that began production earlier this year. This model brings a feature once exclusive to the 7 Series to the Chinese market. The 530 Li, now longer, offers a 31.3-inch Theatre Screen for rear passengers. This optional feature boosts the entertainment experience. Dealers across the People’s Republic are now receiving this option.

Beyond the impressive 8K-resolution Theatre Screen, China’s extended 5 Series offers additional luxury features. This model boasts unique rear seats explicitly designed for enhanced comfort. It also comes with four-zone automatic climate control as standard. The 5 Series Li seats feature unique upholstery with quilting and a two-tone design, unlike the global “G60” model. Additionally, engraved “5” emblems and neck pillows adorn the headrests. This enhances the luxury experience.

The Dadong plant in Shenyang produces the extended 5 Series. It boasts a blue interior and can include a Bowers & Wilkins sound system. The wheelbase extends to 3105 mm (122.2 inches), creating a roomy cabin. At 5175 mm (203.7 inches) in length, this 5 Series sits between the “G11” and “G12” 7 Series models in size.

The walkaround video shows an engine-equipped vehicle version. Yet, in China, the all-electric i5 variant is also available. Since its 2006 launch, the 5 Series has sold over two million units. The previous generation’s “G38” long-wheelbase model was the top seller. It reached 950,000 sales, nearly half of the total. Despite being sold only in China, the “G38” outsold the global “G30” model by almost 130,000 units.

China is the sole market for the electric i3 Sedan and the extended 3 Series Sedan. It also features special models such as the X1 Li/iX1 Li and X5 Li SUVs. BMW plans to develop China-specific electric vehicles (EVs) for the upcoming Neue Klasse platform.

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