5 Series Touring Goes Electric, No Diesel in Sight

BMW’s latest unveiling of the new 5 Series Touring comes with a surprise twist: there’s no traditional gasoline engine option. Instead, the lineup kicks off with the 530e hybrid, leaving out familiar models like the 520i or 530i. In the UK, diesel options are completely absent, reflecting changing consumer tastes and stricter emissions standards.

Diesel engines, once the standard for European wagons, are now on the decline due to scandals and environmental concerns. BMW’s decision to omit diesel offerings in the UK underscores this shift. The focus is now on electrification, with models like the 530e plug-in hybrid and fully electric i5 eDrive40 and i5 M60 xDrive leading the charge.

Excitement builds for future additions to the lineup, including the high-performance M5 Touring with a plug-in hybrid V8. The 550e xDrive sedan offers a powerful inline-six gasoline engine paired with an electric motor, delivering impressive performance figures.

While rumours circulate about a potential M Performance version with a traditional combustion engine, details remain scarce. For now, the i5 M60 stands as the sole M Lite offering, providing a glimpse into the electrified future of BMW’s performance lineup.

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