Inside Look: Customising Your BMW i5 Touring Experience

Continuing its tradition of promptness, BMW launches the German configurator for its latest innovation, the i5 Touring. This electric wagon, available in both eDrive40 and high-performance M60 variants, has quickly garnered praise for its sleek design and innovative features. Amidst the focus on the top-tier models, let’s delve deeper into the entry-level variant of this groundbreaking vehicle.

Starting with its exterior, the base model of the BMW i5 Touring boasts a sophisticated Alpine White paint job. However, for those looking to add a touch of personalization, there’s an array of optional metallic colours available, including Mineral White, Phytonic Blue, and more. Additionally, the wheel options range from standard 19-inch sets to impressive 21-inch alloys, allowing drivers to tailor the look of their i5 Touring to their preferences.

Inside the cabin, BMW continues its commitment to luxury and innovation. The standard black Veganza upholstery not only offers a sleek aesthetic but also marks a milestone as BMW’s first fully vegan interior. For those desiring a different colour palette, various options are available for an additional cost. Moreover, the interior trim can be customized to reflect individual style preferences, with different finishes to choose from, albeit some at an extra charge.

While the base model provides a solid foundation of luxury and performance, BMW offers an extensive list of optional upgrades for those seeking a more lavish driving experience. From larger wheels to premium leather upholstery, the customization options allow drivers to tailor their i5 Touring to suit their unique tastes and preferences. However, indulging in these extras can significantly increase the final cost, making it essential for buyers to weigh their priorities and budget accordingly.

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