[VIDEO] BMW M8 Outpaces Bentley GT in Power-to-Weight Clash

In the thrilling world of high-performance luxury cars, the drag race between the BMW M8 Competition and the Bentley Continental GT Speed at Edmunds’ U-Drags was more than just a show of speed—it was a technical showdown emphasizing the critical role of weight in racing dynamics.

These two behemoths lined up on the track, showcasing stark contrasts in engineering philosophies. The BMW M8, weighing 4,212 pounds, is lighter than the Bentley Continental GT Speed at 4,965 pounds. Despite its weight, the Bentley boasts a W12 engine with 650 horsepower and 664 pound-feet of torque. In contrast, the M8’s V8 delivers 617 horsepower and 553 pound-feet of torque.

This power disparity leads to an intriguing weight-to-power analysis. The Bentley’s 7.64 pounds per horsepower slightly trails the BMW’s more favorable 6.83 pounds per horsepower. This suggests the M8 might edge out in raw acceleration thanks to its better power-to-weight ratio.

As the race began, the Bentley pulled ahead with its superior torque, displaying the raw power of its W12. However, the BMW quickly showed its agility and power management. It caught up before the halfway mark and extended its lead by the end. Despite its initial advantage, the Continental GT Speed couldn’t maintain its lead. The M8’s agility took centre stage.

The difference in their racing capabilities highlights their distinct design goals. Priced at $158,095, the BMW M8 Competition blends luxury with top-tier performance. In contrast, the Bentley Continental GT Speed costs $391,610. It leans towards the opulent end of the spectrum. While slower on the track, this luxury powerhouse offers unmatched grandeur and comfort. It justifies its price for those who prioritize luxury over speed.

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