Check out BMW M’s Hybrid Power Play

BMW’s M Series, known for its unparalleled driving experience, relies on customer feedback, revealing that over 95% prioritize the feel over the type of drivetrain. Frank van Meel, BMW M’s head, confirms the endurance of the beloved inline-six and V8 engines, assuring enthusiasts they’ll persist, adopting plug-in hybrid V8 setups in the upcoming M5 Sedan and M5 Touring.

Looking forward, BMW M plans to roll out three CS-badged models in the next six years, starting with the M4 CS in 2024, followed by the M2 CS and M3 CS Touring in 2025. The recent XM Label hints at a hotter M5 G90/G99 in the works, reminiscent of the F90 generation’s CS treatment.

Despite tradition, BMW M embraces electrification. The confirmed electric M3 is slated for 2027, challenging the norm. Rumours circulate that ICE-powered M cars like the X3 M and X4 M might go fully electric on the Neue Klasse platform. Even the revered M3 Touring may bid adieu to its inline-six, shifting towards electrification for the next generation.

BMW’s M Series stands at the crossroads of tradition and innovation, promising an electrifying future without compromising the essence of the ultimate driving experience. The journey ahead holds the prospect of iconic M cars, seamlessly blending the power of the past with the promise of a sustainable tomorrow.

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