BMW XM Impresses in Anglesey Green with 23-inch Wheels

BMW’s XM Label stands as their most powerful and priciest production car, starting at a formidable $185,000. While its cost is substantial, this super SUV comes almost fully equipped. For example, any body colour, like the introduced Anglesey Green Metallic in February, is free.

Additionally, the 23-inch wheels, BMW’s largest factory-installed to date, come at no extra charge. This feature, especially with the Label variant’s red accents, gives the XM a distinct, somewhat polarizing look. The top-tier SUV was recently showcased in a new photo gallery in South Carolina, participating in the Test Fest 2023 alongside the dedicated plug-in hybrid M model.

BMW equips the XM Label with a carbon fibre finish and Fiona Red/Black complete Merino leather upholstery, accented with red highlights. Available at no extra cost are choices like brake calliper colours and a Toronto Red exterior accent band. However, the high-performance SUV’s M Sport Package adds $2,500, and opting for the Bowers & Wilkins audio system increases the price by $3,400.

Although the BMW SUV you’re eyeing approaches $192,000, some argue the X5 M Competition offers a better value. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the XM’s unique style may appeal to others. Additionally, its plug-in hybrid drivetrain, generating instant torque with an electric motor, hints at future innovations. Notably, next year’s M5 will also incorporate this feature.

BMW forecasts that China and the US will make up half of XM sales. The Middle East is anticipated to be the third-largest market, with Germany and South Korea closely behind. As of September, global deliveries hit 4,450 units. While that number may seem modest, the XM’s high price and unique appearance suggest it was never destined to be a top seller.

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