BMW M5 E60: UK Press Fleet’s V10 Nostalgic Powerhouse

As we await next year’s M5 G90 release, BMW UK revisits a classic with the F10-era M5 30 Jahre Edition super sedan. Currently, BMW’s UK branch showcases a right-hand drive, sedan-bodied M5 E60. Like all others from that generation, this 2010 model of the sporty saloon features the renowned S85 engine.

The naturally aspirated V10 engine in the M5 adds allure to this luxury sedan. BMW UK boldly states that the E60 5 Series, designed by Chris Bangle, outshines contemporaneous A6 or E-Class models, like placing the Space Shuttle beside the Wright brothers’ aircraft.

The vehicle, a part of BMW UK’s historic press car fleet, features the seven-speed automatic manual gearbox (SMG III). This is consistent with most M5s from this era. At the same time, the sports sedan comes with a six-speed manual transmission option. In the US, 19,523 sedans and an additional 1,025 in the practical wagon body style were manufactured.

Comprehensive sales data analysis reveals the M5 E60’s largest market, the United States, with 8,800 units sold. Germany received 1,647 vehicles, while the UK and Ireland got 1,776 cars. Japan also played a significant role, with 1,357 sold, and Italy received 512 deliveries.

As for the M5 Touring (E61), the more practical wagon variant, it found 302 buyers in Germany, 208 in the UK and Ireland, and 184 in Italy.

Interestingly, although it was never officially launched, BMW M developed an M5 CSL and remained shrouded in secrecy. This exceptional car featured an enhanced ten-cylinder engine with more than 600 horsepower and a seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Its lighter weight, achieved through extensive use of carbon fibre, and a higher redline set it apart from the standard model.

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