BMW XM Gets Wild Makeover from Mansory

Mansory, known for its attention-grabbing aftermarket packages, has enhanced the divisive exterior of the XM, even though it may already hold the title for the most controversial BMW design to date. The German tuner has focused its expertise on this dedicated M model, resulting in an impressive G09 build that is sure to spark varying opinions. The XM and Mansory prove to be an exciting combination.

Despite purportedly aiming for improved aerodynamic efficiency, the XM doesn’t seem more streamlined. In fact, Mansory has taken a different route, adding striking elements such as the exposed carbon fibre section on the new hood, a massive roof spoiler, and substantial side skirt extensions.

Buyers of the XM relish being in the spotlight, and Mansory’s extravagant kit is sure to pique their interest. Furthermore, the tuner matches the brake callipers to the body colour and introduces freshly forged wheels. The rear of the SUV boasts a sportier look thanks to the redesigned stacked exhaust tips and a substantial diffuser.

Details on a possible power boost are currently absent, although the XM doesn’t require one. The base model features a 4.4-liter twin-turbo V8, producing 644 horsepower. Meanwhile, the XM Label boasts a potent 738 horsepower. Additionally, BMW offers an inline-six engine for the XM 50e, designed for regions with hefty taxes on larger engines. This smaller 3.0-litre engine, when paired with an electric motor, delivers 469 horsepower.

Mansory pledges to extend its enhancements to the XM’s interior, catering to unique preferences upon request. Standout features include the sculptural headliner and the “M Lounge,” where the rear seat backrests extend into the door panels.

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